Happy 2nd Birthday Jessie’s Cafe – Cafe to Barista School and Roasting

Happy 2nd Birthday Jessie’s Cafe

old signatureSo this week it was Jessie’s Café 2nd Birthday! So we survived the first two years – everyone always says the first two years are always the hardest for a starting business – I kind of hope they are right! Just 2 years ago we were a coffee machine and a washing line, now we’re a cafe, a coffee roasting company and a Barista School and I really can’t believe it.

Has it gone quick? Yes and No – when I look back on what we have achieved I feel like yes its gone quick, but at times I did think “what am I doing?” (Those times, were when Gabe and I were standing in the old Jessie’s Café in the middle of summer in a huge warehouse with no air con – yep we were feeling very sorry for ourselves!)

Why did I ever have those doubts – jessie's cafe becomes Jessie's roasting companyI am amazed at its success. Every day Jessie’s Café pumps with our faithful regulars as well as new faces day in and day out. Our Barista classes are up and running weekly and Gabe is roasting coffee that is truly superb. We now have our own blends of beans which I am proud to put our name on.

Everything we worked towards in the last two years – I feel has all come together. It has been the most rewarding learning curve for me and I look forward to what lies ahead. I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing people every day. Gabe and Lloyd, are incredible, their enthusiasm and passion keeps me going, but mostly we all have to thank our customers. Without you guys, there would be no Jessie’s Cafe, no Barista School Perth and no Jessie’s Roasting Company.

Thank you for being so supporting of Jessie’s Café, we really, honestly couldn’t have done it without you.

Until next time don’t forget “life is too short to drink bad coffee”

Love Jess from Jessie’s Café x

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    That’s Awesome guys. We have probably bought hundreds of coffees in those two years and loved everyone of them. Awesome job.
    We love Jessie’s Cafe x

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