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Amber’s story: Finding a Passion for Bean Water

Amber At Jessies Cafe

Amber’s Story: Finding a passion for bean water When I was 14, I really wanted a part-time job because I wanted to be able to buy my own cd’s. That, if nothing else, should give you an indication that it was a pretty long time ago. Luckily,

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Barista Training; How to get the most out of the fast-track course!

Barista Training

Barista Training; How To Get The Most Out Of The Fast-Track Course! First off, great choice selecting our most popular barista training course here at Barista School Perth! Barista training here in Perth WA has been become a huge industry and we’re so glad you decided to

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What Makes A Good Barista?

Jessie's Cafe - Barista

What Makes A Good Barista? I was recently asked “what makes a good barista” during one of my barista training courses and it got me thinking! I have my ideas and thoughts on what makes a good barista… things like customer service, consistency and speed. However, I

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