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Why do you love Coffee?

Jessie's CafeCoffee obviously plays an enormous part in our lives here at Jessie’s Cafe. It’s our livelihood; it’s what we do every day. But it’s more than that. We all got into this industry because we love coffee. We’ve turning a hobby into a passion then into a job. Think about us like musicians, obviously our lives are far more decadent, I mean our Christmas Party would have made even the most debaucherous rock star’s memoir look like a family picnic, but most musicians played music because they loved it and then someone told them it could be a career. Even if we’d all gone off and got normal jobs, and worked in banks, schools and law firms, we would still love coffee. If you see Gabe, Lloyd or Jess on their off day, or after the Café has closed they will still make you coffee with the same care and attention that goes into every cup they pour for our customers. If you ask Gabe a question about roasting or Lloyd about the beans, you see a light in their eyes as they exhort the virtues of a new product or technique they heard about. Their enthusiasm and excitement extend way beyond any ‘pride in their work’. Coffee for Gabe is an art form. For Lloyd it’s the joy of interacting with customers and students and for Jess it’s the smile it puts on people’s faces.

Now we realise that we are an extreme group, tainted with an almost maniacal obsession. But we want to know what it means to our customers. We are looking for one sentence answers about what coffee means to you. What part does it play in your life? When do you drink it? Whatever your answer we’d . love to hear from you. So get in touch, on here, on Google Plus, Facebook or tweet us @BaristaSchoolP. The best answer will receive a voucher for our Home Barista Class or Commercial Barista Training at Barista School Perth, and a free bag of Jessie’s Cafe Coffee Beans.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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