How Much Caffeine Are You Consuming?

How Much Caffeine Are You Consuming? According to an American study entitled “Beverage caffeine intakes in the U.S” an espresso contains 75mg of caffeine only 5mg less than a ‘Red Bull style energy drink’. While a cup of drip-filter coffee contains a whopping 145 milligrams of caffeine.

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Beating The 60-Shot Espresso

Beating The 60-Shot Espresso Browsing the internet for coffee interest stories I came a across an amazing article entitled ‘Texas Man Still Buzzing From 60 Espresso Shot Starbucks Drink’. Well that is a title that definitely caught my eye. Following the link I discovered the story of

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Is Coffee Healthier Than A Smoothie?

Is Coffee Healthier Than a Smoothie? This might seem like a simple no, but there are actually many other pieces of information we need to consider. You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a clear cut comparison of fruit v caffeine, but you would be

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I’m Not Cool Enough For Coffee

I’m Not Cool Enough For Coffee I first discovered coffee whilst at school. After years of procrastination, I suddenly realised that if I did intend to sleep for 8 hours every night, there really wasn’t going to be enough time left to learn everything I’d missed. After

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Can you have too much coffee? No, I like it

Can you have too much coffee? No, I like it. I’m writing this at 7:30 in the morning and I fear I may have had too much coffee. My hands are flying across the keyboard at what somewhere over 140 words a minute. I’m pumped! I’m jacked!

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The Problem with Bad Coffee – Coffee Beans Required

The Little Known Truth About Bad Coffee – One Man’s Struggle Without Coffee Beans ***DISCLAIMER*** This is not a coffee bean buying guide. As a man in my extremely mid 20s I have become more and more reliant on my morning coffee. It is my saving grace,

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I Make Terrible Coffee!

I Make Terrible Coffee! Not an obvious blog for a café that runs it’s own Barista Academy, so I must be quick to establish, that you will never be served one of my coffees in Jessie’s Café. I have been working with Barista School Perth and Jessie’s

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2014 – A New Year with New Coffee

2014 – A New Year with New Coffee Welcome to 2014! Christmas is over; New Years is done, and now is the time to turn your optimistic New Year’s resolutions into a reality. Here at Jessie’s Café, we’re here to help! We’re doing everything we can to

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Fremantle Coffee Festival 2013

Fremantle Coffee Festival 2013 The cars and trailers were packed early Sunday morning for the Fremantle Coffee Festival! The weather was a “slight” improvement from last year – no storms and the sun was shining. This Year Jessie’s Café was just in front of Gino’s – in viewing

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