What Makes A Good Barista?

What Makes A Good Barista?

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I was recently asked “what makes a good barista” during one of my barista training courses and it got me thinking! I have my ideas and thoughts on what makes a good barista… things like customer service, consistency and speed. However, I thought why not ask a group of barista’s / barista trainers and customers what they think makes a standout barista!

Let’s hear it from some of our team at Jessie’s Café:

Amber [barista and barista trainer]:

A good barista is one that takes their job but not themselves seriously and realises that a good brew is all about making the customer happy. Someone who understands there is always more to learn in this always evolving industry and is always looking to improve themselves.

Jesse [barista and head trainer]: A good barista is attentive, focuses on small details and has a desire to do better and they need to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Alex [Roaster and barista trainer]: That’s a big question… I think a good barista is one that is willing to do what the customer wants and is always willing to go the extra mile. Barista training is also important, but research is important. You don’t want them to have had training that is impractical or incorrect as they develop bad habits that are hard to shake. Good people make good baristas.

Juls [barista]: I would say remembering customers, getting to know your regulars and caring about what people order. Not everyone knows the difference between coffees, and I think it’s important to actually take the time to explain, making sure they have the best experience possible. Yeah, a barista is someone who cares!

Gemma [Café Manager]: A good barista is very passionate about wanting to serve their customers exactly what they want because coffee is a very personable beverage that you enjoy on a daily basis. I think it’s important to have good barista training to develop a sound understanding of coffee and to know what to look for when making a great coffee!

Some thoughts from our customers:

Cal: a friendly smile and a great tasting coffee!

Emma: I love when a barista takes the time to learn my name and order! I also love consistency – I am a creature of habit!

 Jade: I want to know that I’m going to love my coffee every day!

 It seems that being a good barista is about not only making a great tasting coffee but making sure the customer has a great experience. Customers remember personality first, but they appreciate the skill of a barista down to the last drop. There’s a saying that you can’t teach passion, but I’m not so sure that’s true. No one is born a great barista, but the more you know about something, the more you grow to respect it and that’s where the importance of training comes in.

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As our coffee culture grows, not only do we need more baristas, but the standard keeps getting higher. At Barista School Perth, we focus not only on espresso and milk texturing techniques but go into all aspects of café life. Starting with the history of coffee and its journey from bean to cup and ending with the more practical side of the job, including workflow, efficiency and machine maintenance. We hope to produce baristas that really care about the product and understand that making a good tasting cup is only half the job.

Just google, barista training near me and you’ll see the diversity of courses available, including us at Barista School Perth!

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