Picking a barista course; deciding on what’s best for you

Picking A Barista Course; Deciding On What’s Best For You

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Perth is full of barista training courses, just google barista course near me and you’re bound to see a plethora of results, so it may be a little bit overwhelming when you’re trying to decide where to start. In Australia we don’t have a specific structure or program when it comes to barista training, so it pays to do your research and find a barista course in Perth that suits your needs.

First and foremost, you want to choose a school whose trainers are seasoned industry professionals who still actively work as baristas. With coffee, like any skill there is so much to learn and you’re never going to learn it all in a day. As such, you want to feel confident that your trainer has selected the most important information to teach you and is keeping up to date with current industry standards, techniques and trends. At BSP our trainers have all been in the industry for 15+ years as baristas, trainers and roasters and you’ll regularly see them serving brews out the front in Jessie’s Café.

For barista courses in Perth we don’t have a formal apprenticeship or recognised standard, so you’ll see a variety of different courses. Most barista schools have a range of classes, from short beginner courses to advanced, latte art and full day ‘fast track’ courses. Each course offers something different to the student, so it’s important to read through them all and decide what suits you. At BSP our 7 hour ‘fast track’ course is our most popular as it combines our beginner and advanced short courses into a full day barista 101. However, as you can imagine, it’s a lot of information to learn in one day, so if you feel like you’d prefer a break in between, our short courses might be more up your alley. For the more experienced barista who’s confident with extraction and producing silky smooth milk, our latte art class might be the perfect fit to step up your coffee game!

Aside from the level of course you’re choosing, it’s also a great idea to research the format of the courses that are offered. Will you get an opportunity to let loose and practice on the espresso machine or will it primarily be a demonstration-based workshop? How about theory? At BSP, our view is that the best training session is a mix of all three. We begin all our courses with some fundamental coffee knowledge, tracing the beans’ journey including, origin and from farm to cup. A firm understanding of the ’why’s’ of coffee making lead to the creation of diligent and efficient baristas. As we jump into the practical aspects of the course, our trainers will demonstrate safe and proper techniques before handing the reigns over to the trainees to practice, practice, practice!

Once you choose a barista course in Perth, the rest is up to you, to show up, make the most of it and begin your journey to becoming a fantastic barista!

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