I’m Not Cool Enough For Coffee

I’m Not Cool Enough For Coffee

Old Man Cafe
I first discovered coffee whilst at school. After years of procrastination, I suddenly realised that if I did intend to sleep for 8 hours every night, there really wasn’t going to be enough time left to learn everything I’d missed. After moving from smashing pots of cold instant coffee I moved into cafes and started to appreciate the finer sides of coffee making. Now, over a decade later I am a bonafide coffee snob, café aficionado and caffeine advocate. What I have noticed however, is the change in the culture of coffee. There seems to have been a seismic shift into the edgy, artistic cultural niche with the rise of the hipster barista and a level of coffee snobbery.

At Jessie’s Café we focus on our coffee and let everything else just happen, but there seems to be a huge trend in café’s in Perth toward the surroundings. Obviously the coffee is still a major part of their business but I’m finding myself drinking more and more over extracted espressos served by poorly trained baristas surrounded by a mixture of wine bottles, exposed brick and blaring electronic music by bands that I have never heard of.

I realise I may be sounding like a grumpy middle aged man complaining about how things were ‘better in my day’ but I’m still just the lower side of 30. The world has not changed a whole heap since I was one of these ‘struggling writer’ types trying desperately to show everyone my new MacBook, loudly discussing the fun I can barely remember from last Friday night, and trying to avoid the waitress’ eye so I don’t have to tell her that even after 3 hours I’m still on my first coffee. It seems now, that rather than fulfilling their dreams these people have started to own and run the cafes and are actually targeting that crowd.

I don’t know about you but all I want from a café is a comfortable chair, a nice smile from the barista and above all, a good cup of coffee.

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