Is Coffee Healthier Than A Smoothie?

Is Coffee Healthier Than a Smoothie?

This might seem like a simple no, but there are actually many other pieces of information we need to consider. You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a clear cut comparison of fruit v caffeine, but you would be wrong.

There seem to be a million and one studies proving that coffee causes everything from cancer to heart attacks. This is mainly by comparing a group of people that drink coffee to a group that don’t. However this is not actually a fair comparison. Another study shows that us coffee drinkers are far more likely to have other ‘bad’ habits like drinking alcohol or smoking.

A study of 130,000 men and women over 20 years and detailed ’The Relationship of Coffee Consumption and Mortality’. Please note, that study was actually incredibly dull reading but this is just proof that it exists. They showed that there was nothing to suggest that regular coffee consumption was in any associated with an increase in mortality rates. So Coffee and Science 1, everyone else 0.

So where do smoothies come into this. Well, in a study published in the British Medical Journal titled < a href=>’Fruit Consumption and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes’ showed that drinking juice and smoothies greatly increases the chance of developing Diabetes. Again, feel free to skip the study but it is real.

Next point: Whilst fruit is full of antioxidants, vitamins and everything else we should be filling ourselves with, they also contain a large amount of sugar. The sugar raises insulin levels and a persistently high level of insulin is also associated with types of cancer.
Now I’m not saying that fruit causes cancer. While much of the aforementioned ‘good stuff’ will fight cancer, the same study showed that so much of it is lost in the juicing process.

So… next time you’re looking for a healthy morning pick me up don’t go for the evil, diabetes causing fruit smoothie. Stop in for a coffee, it’s good for you!

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