Beating The 60-Shot Espresso

Beating The 60-Shot Espresso

60 Shot EspressoBrowsing the internet for coffee interest stories I came a across an amazing article entitled ‘Texas Man Still Buzzing From 60 Espresso Shot Starbucks Drink’. Well that is a title that definitely caught my eye. Following the link I discovered the story of a man who bought a Starbucks coffee so large it included 500ml of whipped cream, several thousand calories and 60 SHOTS OF ESPRESSO!

Now I’m a coffee lover and ‘caffiend’ (apologies), but that seems like it might be a bit much for me. Well some further research found that this was the record for ‘The Most Shots of Espresso In Officially Served Drink’ and what a world record. I assume there must be countless ‘unofficial’ attempts to take this most illustrious crown. So 60 shots, 5 days and I assume several trillion heart beats later Chifari was the world record holder, until now!
Last month a man in Terre Haute strolled into his local Starbucks armed with a drinks cooler and ordered a ‘Venti Mocha Cookie Frappuccino’ with 77 extra shots of espresso. Now, that contains a perception altering 6000mg of caffeine. At $71.35US this is now officially the world’s largest coffee! And you guys thought that we’d struggle to find enough news stories to write a weekly blog.

Don’t Try This Here

We must say however, that we are unfortunately not going to be able to host our own world record attempt. It’s not because this is one of the strangest competitions we’ve ever come across, or because drinking 60 days-worth of caffeine in one drink is dangerous or even because the queue would be through the door by the time we finished serving it. It is in fact because although they ‘do not condone or encourage this type of behaviour’ Starbucks is the only place where you can officially attempt this world record. They do not encourage but they do enable, so with Starbucks opening in Perth next year you will have to wait.

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