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Barista School Perth Fast Track Workshop

At Barista School Perth our Fast Track Workshop is our barista short course. This is also our most popular barista coffee course and is a combination of our Coffee Fundamentals and Advanced Barista Workshop. It is the perfect course for the aspiring home barista or if you are seeking a job within the hospitality industry. This full day (9am to 4pm) intensive workshop provides the skills and confidence to become a competent barista.

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Barista School Perth is sure to have a course to suit all coffee lovers needs with our range of barista coffee courses which are held at our affiliated café Jessie’s Café + Roasting Co in Myaree [15 minutes from the Perth CBD]. Whether you want to gain the professional skills, interested in a barista course refresher or you simply want to create an awesome cup of coffee; the one thing everyone has in common is the love of coffee.

Barista School Perth has been offering a range of barista coffee courses since September 2012, we have established ourselves as a reputable barista school within the coffee community.

Our Fast Track Course is broken down into two parts.

  • Students will learn the theory behind coffee including the history, farming, processing methods and the roasting process. Our passionate trainers will then demonstrate the fundamentals of coffee making: espresso extraction, milk texturing and the Perth Café menu. The students will have hands on time after each fundamental step is demonstrated to master their own set of barista skills.
  • After lunch the students get thrown into a “busy café” environment focusing on grinder adjustment, trouble shooting, making multiple drinks on a café menu and learning invaluable tips and tricks required for an efficient barista workflow. The intensity continues with students undertaking a speed assessment at the end to see how many coffees on the menu they can make within a timeframe followed by machine maintenance.
coffee training perth
Would highly recommend for folks who want to learn a little more about coffee, and/or give something new a real crack. Challenging, but very fair. Great knowledgeable teachers who are passionate about what they do, and it’s well worth your time invested. Expect to come home smelling like a roasted coffee bean!

K. J.O

To ensure our passionate and dedicated trainers get quality time to build the new skills of each student, we understand adequate one on one attention is required during the barista short courses. We therefore keep our Fast Track Course to a maximum of six participants. We also understand you want to spend as much time practising on our quality equipment, therefore we offer unlimited coffee and milk!

Students leave with a greater appreciation of coffee, new friends and the skills and finesse to make café quality coffee. Students receive a detailed workbook and a certificate of completion they can use with their CV.

Visit us online for more information and upcoming available dates on our Fast Track Barista Short Course or our full range of barista coffee courses at Barista School Perth.

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fast track barista
fast track barista


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