Barista Course in Perth

Barista Course in Perth

Barista School Perth was born from our vision to share our passion for coffee to as many people as possible. Whether you’re a Melville local looking for a barista course near you or, on the hunt for Perth’s most innovative barista school; our dedicated barista trainers, and owner Jessie, have developed a range of barista courses to suit the needs of all coffee lovers near and far.

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We are passionate about making everyone feel welcome, so we’ve worked hard (fuelled by coffee) to create a barista training course learning environment in Perth that is inclusive and unpretentious. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, enjoyed by many cultures, so it should be both appreciated and celebrated.

You may be looking to gain the skills to work as a barista in a café or restaurant, want to make great tasting coffee at home or looking for an alternative to traditional team building days at a barista course near youSo we offer a range of barista training courses in Perth to help achieve all coffee goals!

For beginners we recommend either our Coffee Fundamentals Workshop or Fast Track Course.

  • The Coffee Fundamentals is a short 3.5-hour Perth barista course covering the fundamentals of coffee making.
  • The Fast Track course is our most popular barista course workshop and is a combination of our Coffee Fundamentals and Advanced Barista Workshop. It’s for those serious about their coffee and either wanting to gain work in the industry or become a star barista at home.

For experienced baristas wanting to expand their current skill set or for aspiring baristas seeking employment in the industry we recommend our Advanced Workshop and Latte Art Workshop.

  • The Advanced Workshop is an extension course following the Coffee Fundamentals. This 4-hour workshop is a must for those serious about mastering their barista techniques in order to gain work in the industry.
  • The Latte Art Workshop is the crowd favourite and specialty course for the experienced baristas, because “if the coffee looks better, it tastes better!”. This 2-hour workshop focuses purely on milk texturing and demonstrating how to create popular latte art patterns: heart, tulip and Rosetta.
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The Barista Course was such a fun day, I bought it half out of interest, and as a date idea for myself and partner, although everyone else was there to learn to be a barista for employment. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about coffee, learning and appreciating what goes into making good coffee, and now I know I can proudly order a Macchiato and actually know what it means! Cheers guys for the course, I wish I had done this years ago 🙂

Gun Hudson

Other barista courses we offer are:

  • Our School Holidays Program offers a special edition Perth barista course exclusive to high school students seeking a job in the hospitality industry.
  • Why not try something different for your next team-building or corporate event.  Our range of Team Building and Corporate Workshops are a fun alternative to the traditional team-building as well as great networking events over coffee.

For more information on the Perth Barista Training Courses available at Barista School Perth, including availability and prices, visit Barista School Perth.


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