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The Coffee

 The Coffee

Here at Jessie’s we have one aim, ‘to serve the best coffee possible to our customers’ and that means understanding, and controlling every step of the process from bean-to-cup. Our roaster Lloyd, has spent months tweeking and crafting our blends to make sure we serve blends that compliment your coffee choices, starting with small batches in our small coffee roaster behind the counter to producing high quality roasted coffee from his machine next door.

Jessie’s Roasting Company Signature Blend



Bean: 100% Arabica
Origins: Brazillian – Monte Cristo, Ethiopian – Sidamo, Kenyan – Sasimi Estate (Peaberry)

Our signature blend recipe has been crafted to give well-balanced and full bodied coffee that pleases everyone without being boring. The Brazilian Monte Cristo beans give it a nutty, sweet caramel taste which is then balanced with the fruity berry notes from the Ethiopian Sidamo and a chocolatey spice from the Kenyan Peaberry. This blend works well as an espresso or with milk based coffees as well as in a plunger.

Jessie’s Roasting Company Single Origins

While searching for our signature blend we tried so many different coffee beans and combinations that we found ourselves with bags of great coffee that suited different tastes. So, to showcase these beans we started our own line of Single Origins Coffee Beans. Perfect for the coffee enthusiast looking to try new things

single origin

good night

Feel free to ask us about our coffee, we have put so many years and even more caffeine fuelled, sleepless nights into making them the best we can, that we’d love the opportunity to tell you about it.

The Coffee May 22, 2013

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