2014 – A New Year with New Coffee

2014 – A New Year with New Coffee

Welcome to 2014! Christmas is over; New Years is done, and now is the time to turn your optimistic New Year’s resolutions into a reality. Here at Jessie’s Café, we’re here to help! We’re doing everything we can to help fuel your new lifestyle and get you going each morning. We’ve come up with loads of ways for you to get your coffee fix as easily as possible either here with us or in your own home.

Coffee Club Subscription

Starting in January we will be launching our take on the classic club subscription. coffee bean subscription photo of bosses blend for coffee bean subscription blog postEach months members will receive a new speciality coffee. Each coffee comes with a short description and flavour profile, where did the bean come from, basic tastes and flavours etc. This will not only allow you to expand your horizons, but also help you to get to know what you like in a coffee blend and why you like it. Is it full chocolatey Brazillian style coffee beans? Or more intense flavours from a dark roasted bean? We will even be including our own blend of Jessie’s Cafe Beans, from our brand new roaster. For more information on our coffee club subscription, call or message us here at Jessie’s Cafe, with the subject ‘Coffee Club Subscription’

Coffee Loyalty Scheme

Our underused loyalty scheme, the classic stamp your card that you can find in almost every Perth café. However, unlike other cafés we’re more than happy to reward our loyal customers. We will keep your card for you so you don’t lose it come in again and end up with 10 coffees on 10 different cards. With our system you will actually get that reward that can seem so unattainable.

Jessie’s Café App

We released our Jessie’s Café Ordering App , last year. You can use the app to order your coffee just the way you like it and have us prepare it for your arrival. This also has a built in, automatic loyalty scheme to ensure you get your rewards Follow the link for more information.

Online Store

We are currently upgrading our online store, making it easier than ever to keep your home coffee station stocked up with beans, consumables and from mid January, manual espresso machines. This should mean that you can keep enjoying great coffee even on the days you can’t get in to see us.

Coffee Roasting

Last, but certainly not least, our coffee bean roster has arrived! I’m sure many of you have noticed the work that has gone into installing our own roaster. This means that from February we will be roasting our very own blends to serve and sell here at Jessie’s Café as well as offering coffee roasting courses at Barista School Perth .

So that’s our offer. We’ll keep coming up with more ideas, deals and plans to keep rewarding our loyal customers and spread our love of great coffee. For more information like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Keep an eye out and we hope to see you soon.

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